Words are the Borders

Installation in the frame of Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

In Words are the Borders the artist explores the idea of predetermined choices and the possibilities of exiting the structure we are submerged into. Warned before entering the installations about been filmed, the viewer finds himself in a corridor full of superfluous signs that mark the way (s)he should go. Finally (s)he has to decide which of them (s)he obeys.

Years of education taught us to follow one allowed direction and overlook other possibilities. It is the structure itself which doesn’t allow us to change direction. To break away from this structure one has to break its rules.


Concept and Development
Valeria Schwarz

Valeria Schwarz, Jan Fischer, Franziska Frenzel, Max Thum

Thanks to
Kristina Burgstaller, Natalia Blanco and Jörg Barton

Mein Blau e.V., Berlin, GER, 2009