Wieder Mal, Widerhall

Competition for a public art work in the 48 school

Wieder Mal, Widerhall is an acoustic and visual network that enables pupils to communicate verbally and non-verbally between the different floors of the staircase area. The installation manages to overcome the spatial separation through the different exchange zones in the staircase area.

Closed speaking tube: Due to their square shape, the tubes function as a closed speaking tube that enables the transmission of acoustic and verbal messages from one place to another. This allows pupils to communicate between floors in a playful way.

Periscope: By means of reflective plastic surfaces inside the square tubes, they become a periscope. This widens the vantage point into other, non-adjacent rooms. The reflective laminate is also applied to the outside of some of the tubes, so that the tubes partially reflect a broken perspective. The pupils can also communicate through body movements and gestures, similar to an analogue Tik Tok.

Participation: Wieder mal, Widerhall is an open participatory project that takes its final form through the work with the children. The working method is divided into different phases so that different grades can participate in the process.


Juan Chacón and Valeria Schwarz

Supported by
Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin

Berlin, GER, 2020