The history of Holzmarkt in black and white

A project with the 9th graders at Max-Planck-Gymnasium for ERbeLEBEN 2019 as part of Die Stadt als Politisches Gesamtkunstwerk

Together with artist Valeria Schwarz and architect Juan Chacón, the students put on a shadow theatre play depicting the paths and hurdles in Holzmarkt's history as it was moulded from a club into a city vision through the efforts of citizens. As Holzmarkt was organised and realised by individuals, it embodies a self-organised form of urban planning. The participants interpreted the structural shapes on site, the role of the people involved and the political events as a starting point for the dramaturgy. The narrative was written down and turned into an audio drama so that it could be listened to at the exhibition in combination with the shadow theatre installation.


Juan Chacón and Valeria Schwarz

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