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Shop windows are private places, but they function as a bridge between public and private space. With R17| Experimental Zone, we want to explore the relationship between the private and the public. Social movements and feminist discourses in particular question the supposedly clear boundary between “private” and “public”. Due to massive surveillance by companies and states, the private sphere appears to be a right which still must be fought for.

R17| Experimental Zone invites us to reflect on the diverse reach of this issue through site-specific installations, interventions and actions.

© Valeria Schwarz
© Valeria Schwarz

A project by
iCollective e.V.

Concept and artistic installations
Marula Di Como, Eliana Heredia, Valeria Schwarz

Marula Di Como, Eliana Heredia, Valeria Schwarz, Christian Vagt

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Supported by
Projektfonds Kulturförderung Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Berlin, GER, 2020-ongoing

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