Performative installation

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to our meeting today on the occasion of the founding of our country, and for contributing to the constitution of our innovative nation! After lengthy negotiations, the creation of the new Lachland has has been accomplished with great speed, and so this development, this creation of the core state of Lachland, may fill us with joy.

You, as loyal Lachland citizens, have played a crucial role in the creation of our symbol. With the white dust under your shoes from crossing the grounds, you have contributed to the creation of our flag. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with pride and pleasure that I present to you our national flag:

As you will already be aware, Lachland is the logical consequence of our current political situation; a response to the exclusionary affiliation principles of other states. Unlike other nations, no one can be rejected in our country, because everyone can laugh. Not only humans have this special ability – animals and plants can laugh too! Laughter is older than any civilisation, identity or nationality.


Concept and development:
Valeria Schwarz

Curated by
Cristina Navarro and Carla Isern

Gat Hotel, Berlin, GER, 2018