Series of artistic interventions Berlin´s train line S41

How to reinvent everyday life in the public space?

Originally based on the cyclic, ever-mutating concept of time found in the Chinese classic text, i Ching, i Ring is a mobile laboratory on Berlin's circle line train, S41. Conceived as a practice-based research project, it concentrates on the investigation of people's mobility and the articulation of this experience in contemporary society. The collaborative platform develops hybrid strategies in order to reinvent everyday life in the public space and change the way people understand the urban contemporary landscape by using the logic of art and game play as a socio-poetic strategy.

i Ring. 30th March 2009 from 10 - 6 pm by Alex Barnils

Prenzlauer Berg, around midnight. Valeria has the first impulse of traveling in circles. On the March 23rd Valeria went up to the fifth floor to have a tea with Alex. He proposed her a game which we called “República Azarosa”. The goal was to spent all day traveling by metro or/and train without going out the stations and without repeating any line.

After listening to such a crazy game, Valeria didn´t hesitate in telling him her idea: just traveling in circles around Berlin. So they first started with “República Azarosa” on March 25th. It was a really stressfull day. During 8 hours we travelled by train and metro, changing all the time. We ate, drank, went to the toilets inside the stations.

On March 30th we started with the i Ring project.

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