Virtual art, politics and participatory intervention in the public space

inVESTIR is a multidisciplinary project between Europe and North Africa, in which virtual art, politics and participatory intervention in the public space are intertwined in order to create an intercontinental dialogue. It structures itself in two phases:

1. A virtual phase: using online social networks, we get together people from North African states, building a temporary community and developing a fluid dialog. We chat about the present, identity, future perspectives, the way they perceive Europe, etc. These conversations build an archive that serves as the ground for the second stage of the project.

2. iCollective selects relevant quotations from the dialogues and prints them on ecological fair trade T-shirts. We call for volunteers that would like introduce the words of North Africans in their own context, wearing these T-shirts in their everyday lives, as well as in an artistic event.

By doing so, inVESTIR proposes a transference of subjectivity dynamic, in terms of putting someone´s voice in somebody else´s body. Also, all these temporary communities the project fosters, come together in the social networks and the blog.

© Betiana Bellofatto
© Betiana Bellofatto
© Betiana Bellofatto

Valeria Schwarz

Valeria Schwarz and Betiana Bellofatto

Produced by
iCollective e.V.

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Supported by
Parallel Events MANIFESTA 8

Murcia, ES, 2010

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