Disobedient Coffee

Performative installation for collective action of civil disobedience

How can the act of discussing in a coffee contribute to be the creation of political consciousness and simultaneously be a tactic for direct action?

Disobedient coffee aims to join discursive strategies with direct action within the same project by fostering discussion and exchange about alternatives of resistance and, at the same time by offering a platform for economic civil disobedience.

By consuming at the coffee stand each person is aware that he/she is not only supporting tax evasion. Furthermore the consumer will be asked to decide where he/she wants to assign the evaded taxes, which will be distributed at the end of the project according to the participant’s choices. In this way, each participant is accomplice of economic civil disobedience, turning it into a collective action rather than an individual initiative by an artist.

© Franziska Schrödinger
© Franziska Schrödinger
© Franziska Schrödinger

Supported by and presented in
Art in Resistance, Spielart München

Munich, GER, 2015