Valeria Schwarz (in collaboration with Jan Fischer)
Words are the borders. 2009

Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall
Mein Blau e.V.

Wood cabin, 2,8m x 2,4 m x 2,5 m
2 doors. The entrance door has no door handle in the interior side, so it can not be used to exit the cabin. The other door has a No Trespassing sing on it.
A corridor leads to the empty center of the cabin.
Video camera. Simultaneously, the filmed material is projected outside the installation.

In Words are the borders the artist explores the idea of predeterminated choices and the possibilities of exiting the structure we are sumerged into. Warned before entering the installations about being filmed, the viewer finds himself in a corridor full of superflous signs that mark the way he should go. The corridor leads to the center of the installations, but before getting there, he has to decide if the crosses a line, that he is not allowed to walk over.
Even if he does not violate this norm, he is force to ignore a No trespassing sign hanged on the exit door, in order to leave the installation. Outside the installation, the filmed material of all transgressions is being projected.

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