Valeria Schwarz in collaboration with Zuloark
Urban biotopes 2018

Competition for an artistic intervention on the perimeter of the new Eaux-Vives station in Geneva
Fonds municipal d’art contemporain (FMAC). Geneva.

The word biotope comes from the Greek bios, "life" and topos, "place". The word biotope, literally translated, means an "area where life lives". Taking this as a starting point, we asked ourselves which kind of life we want to foster in Eaux Vives. How can our intervention add value to the new neighborhood? Which kind of values do we want to bring into this public space?

We conceive the space as a whole instead of just placing individual objects there. That is how we came to the idea of creating a garden, an area “where life lives”. The garden is a place that combines human activity with diverse managed natural resources. Along with one of the values we want to introduce in the public space, the garden is very related to the concept of care. While industrial modern city fosters individualism we want to create a place that reminds the importance of taking care of all beings around us and of the resources which we have been granted with.