Valeria Schwarz
Un coup de dés (work in progress). 2011

Carpet, fabric, charcoal.
Chaos creates Structures curated by Emilie Mayer
Kunstraum Proarte, Hallein, Austria

magine that someone throws some dice. The moment they are in the air is infinite, because it has all possible combinations in itself. However, human beings cannot live with that; they need to fix a combination in order to call it “reality”. For our one-sided minds, reality is what in our perception is relatively stable and therefore predictable. This need to determinate, to predict (vor-her-sagen) reality drives us to create different systems, cognitive structures with which we order our perception of reality. We translate what we perceive into different languages (scientific, literary, artistic, etc) not only to fight off the anxiety infinity produces on us, but also to control it. So, when we say that something is chaotic, we are speaking about ourselves, about our incapacity to “predict” it, to turn it into structure/language.
With Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard (1897), Mallarmé wanted to depict the process of creating a poem, this instance of “flying dice” when a thought starts. This chaotic, non linear moment meets with the endless white of the page and all doors are open. However, for a poem to be written, it is essential that words “fall” on the page.