Valeria Schwarz (in collaboration with Raul Ortiz Rodriguez)
Quien quiere ser mandatario 2012

Within the frame of
Gamelike TV show Quien quiere ser mandatario. Documented through video Watch the complete game:
Part 1
Part 2

In a format similar to a TV game show, Valeria Schwarz and Raúl Ortíz propose a ludic dynamic in Campo de la Cebada. Candidates for the presidency move along the ¿Quien quiere ser mandatario? game's board over thematic squares. During the game, they make decisions by chance, which delineate the candidate´s profile. According to those decisions, the other participants will follow or reject the candidate. The winner is the candidate with the most followers and therefore becomes president.

With this project, Valeria Schwarz turns to popular culture in order to highlight the spectacularization of contemporary debates, stressing that the legitimization of certain politics become a matter of chance. ¿Quien quiere ser mandatario? takes this situation to the absurd and by doing so explores the limits between art, spectacle and citizen participation.