Valeria Schwarz
P.O.S.T. - People Organized for Spontaneous Transfers 2013

alternative network to send messages between Lisbon and Marseille
Associate Project Lisbon Architecture Triennial (PRT); Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille, FR

Conceived as an experimental game, P.O.S.T. aims to explore the interpersonal ties needed to create alternative methods of data transfer. This participatory project allows any person to take part as “sender- recipient” or as a part of a network. Messages will travel between Lisbon and Marseille. The channels used for delivering the messages are quite diverse:

As an object: The P.O.S.T. team addresses people directly at airports and bus stations and asks them to take a letter with them.

With the mind: Two meditation groups, one based in Lisbon and the other in Marseille concentrate simultaneously, sending and receiving the other group’s message in turns.

People from all over the world act as a network, keeping an eye on the delivery status of the messages and reacting if necessary. In doing so, P.O.S.T. intends to organize a new chain of message delivery, based on trust, good intentions and reliability.