Valeria Schwarz
i Ring. 2009 - 2011

“I set off for Yue today and came there yesterday.”
Hui Shi

Nadie está solo y nada es sólido: el cambio se resuelve en fijezas que son acuerdos momentáneos.
Octavio Paz, El mono gramático.

i Ring investigates the social connections that characterize the culture of mobility as well as the mobility of culture within the urban landscape. The virtual world has shown that people with different backgrounds do not need to know each other to create a community and share their culture in the form of information. By temporarily creating a state of communication and interchange between people who, by chance, are sharing a trajectory on Berlin's circle line train, S41, i Ring explores how to encourage people to become creative and reflective individuals who are aware of themselves as part of a community of citizens. Using the knowledge acquired throughout the process, i Ring aims to promote the access and exchange of a mobile, flexible, participatory culture available to all people.

Originally based on the cyclic, ever-mutating concept of time found in the Chinese classic text, i Ching, i Ring is a mobile laboratory operating since 2009 on Berlin's circle line train, S41. Conceived as a practice-based research project, it concentrates on the investigation of people's mobility and the articulation of this experience in contemporary society. The collaborative platform develops hybrid strategies in order to reinvent everyday life in the public space and change the way people understand the urban contemporary landscape by using the logic of art and game play as a socio-poetic strategy. In fact, i Ring structures its practice around the creation of a playful state that is simultaneously a collective state of communication and interchange. i Ring creates sceneries in which each individual contributes to the creation of a consensus that produces a trajectory towards a transitory goal. The difference with the industrial model is that the establishment of this consensus becomes more relevant than the goal itself. i Ring works ultimately on how to propose alternative forms of social organization. Through participation, citizens are temporarily disengaged from their role as isolated, passive, and observant consumers of information, merchandise, and services and thus increase their consciousness as potential changers of society.