El día de mañana siempre es mañana. 2011

181 found cards, 444 new cards, Nylon cord, Aluminum bars
265 cm x 200 cm

The Spanish phrase “Tirar las cartas” (literally „to throw the cards“) means in Argentina to read the cards in the sense of predicting the future. So, what happens when someone carelessly throws a card on the floor or when he losses it? Does his future display for that person that finds it? What can he read from it? Do cards define fate?

The work El día de mañana siempre es mañana (Tomorrow remains tomorrow) ironically deals with the idea of chance and fate, confronting them with coincidence and chaos. The literally thrown cards were collected from the streets by the artist throughout many years and in different countries. The discovery of in total 181 cards was part of crossed coincidences and they hide particular, personal stories connected with partially mysterious find spots. Those cards are in the center of the work, which is surrounded by 444 new cards that close the composition.