Stine Eriksen
Choreography # 1. 2010

1-channel Video, filmed on miniDV transferred to DVD 16:9, 07:08 loop, stereo

[...] Already during the slow camera movement over two floors of an abandoned factory building, the viewer witnesses a dialogue - not through hearing the voices, but only through subtitles. Both speakers of this soundless dialogue sometimes seem to be talking past each other, approaching each other at best. The conversation is about listening to each other, about being there, about time and memory, about feeling, speaking and silence. "Words exist because we speak them," it says, and this names the limits of every language and the limitations of every communication. The answer "We are spoken by them" points to the existential level that this limitation touches. Because thoughts are formulated in language, they are subjected to a grid which sensations have to fit into, and thus remain limited in their possible expression. The camera in the video finally reaches a kind of cage in which two people stand facing each other, looking at each other without speaking, but nevertheless seeming to communicate. The viewer's gaze circles the protagonists, approaches them and soon leaves them again. The dialogue, like the video, runs in an endless loop and thus creates the image of constant approaching and distancing. The viewer, however, remains outside, at a seemingly insurmountable distance.

Peer Golo Willi

Exhibition text for Unbefugt/Desautorizado