Alex Barnils and Valeria Schwarz
i Ring. 30th March 2009 from 10 - 6 pm

Prenzlauer Berg, around midnight. Valeria has the first impulse of traveling in circles. On the March 23rd Valeria went up to the fifth floor to have a tea with Alex. He proposed her a game which we called “República Azarosa”. The goal was to spent all day traveling by metro or/and train without going out the stations and without repeating any line.
After listening to such a crazy game, Valeria didn´t hesitate in telling him her idea: just traveling in circles around Berlin. So they first started with “República Azarosa” on March 25th. It was a really stressfull day. During 8 hours we travelled by train and metro, changing all the time. We ate, drank, went to the toilets inside the stations.

On March 30th we started with the I ring project.

Alex Barnils

Pictures by Valeria Schwarz